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Passion and professionalism
the principles on which our work is based.

Vivaio Aumenta

The floriculture company, which nowadays covers more than 200 hectares, is the result of a long and laborious path that draws its origins and intersects with the life of its founder from an early age, Mr Antonio Aumenta.

The family Aumenta with the heart tied to tradition and hands turned to the future has given life to a leading company in the plant nursery scenario, whose strength in the international field is represented by the cultivation of thousands of autochthonous specimens, the typical ones of the Mediterranean woodland and of exotic specimens too.

Moreover we are specialised in the production of Quercus ssp, European Olea, Myrtus ssp, Rhyncospermum jas, Schinus molle, Photinia, Cycas revoluta and so on.